The 🔥 fire 🔥 🔥 outbreak.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have heard lots of stories about fire outbreaks 🔥 🔥.

How fire had roasted it’s innocent victims due to the carelessness of fellow citizens that had sworn never to follow simple instructions. Truely, I never knew I would experienced such in my entire life..

I woke up that faithful Friday morning totally sad for no reason. I looked at my body and saw that I was sweating profusely.I tried to stand up but was stopped by a strong pounding headache.

” Ekwensu oma diri gi na nma” I cursed in my dialet…

I quickly closed my eyes trying to remain calm.I knew I had a terrible nightmare ,but alas, I couldn’t remember or picture it out.

But whatever the dream was,from the depths of my heart I knew it doesn’t mean good.

For goodness sake,my best friend’s elder brother would be having his wedding the next day ,and my presence would be needed so much .

Uncle obi has been a very nice person .He treated me like a brother and had saved me from lots of troubles years ago. I can’t afford to be absent on his special day.

Secondly, he was a man of great influence and at such I would be opportuned to meet lots of important persons that could change my life 😊😊.

And most importantly,I would also be able to meet the love💖💖 of my life- my woman crush💞💞💞.

Back then,I had been chatting with one beautiful Enugu girl ,Adaobi for over a year on Facebook and have grown so much fond of her.

In in our last chat ,she had promised to give me a kiss,when we finally meet at the wedding.

Oh gracious God, my strengths were failing me but I never gave up.With the last energy I had ,I got up from the bed and prepared and by 9:45am I had already left the house.

But on my way to the park I kept hitting my left foot on objects ,this happened almost five times.

I never believed in superstitions, so I wasn’t bothered a bit. Hmm,if I had known what awaited me that red Friday ,I wouldn’t have tried to make that journey to Enugu.

I was fortunate to meet a bus – was actually the last passenger.

My entire body started trembling when I saw the three women I would sit with at the back seat.

They were soo fat that I feared they could blow up anytime soon .

They remained calm , making no effort to adjust.I shed tears forcing and squeezing myself between them. The fattest and youngest among them was at my right. She was so huge and round that her figure blocked the entire window.And the worst of it all she smelt terrible .Nose and lungs damaging odor was emitting from her body. I could swear with my life that she must have slept in a dusbin or even a pit toilet for two and half years.

I looked at the faces of other passengers and observed that I wasn’t suffering alone.

One pregnant lady who couldn’t bear the smell had to force her head out of the window ,before the child in her womb dies from the smell.

At my left was another huge creature- a true descendant of the elephant family ,I must confess. From the wrinkles that was dancing like a Benin masquerade on her face, despite her heavy make up,I knew she was in her early sixties. Fresh sweat continued to trickle from her entire body,like someone who ran round the earth three times,forming almost a river,soaking her entire clothes and mine . I wasn’t just crying for myself but for the wonderful shirt I had launched that wicked Friday morning.

“Oh Lord ,have mercy on your child and save me from this purgatory fire🔥”I cried in my heart.

I couldn’t breathe but I had no choice.At all cost,I needed to be in Enugu before 12 pm. It was then that it dawned on me that my village people were fully at work.They were indeed beating drums for me🥁🥁.

I made the sign of the cross and heaved a sign of relief when the driver finally entered the bus and started the car.

And it was then the unthinkable happened..

We started to hear sudden screams from afar.
We couldn’t make out the exact words they were saying. But then lots of people,both young and old were running helter scelter,with the majority running towards our bus .

One of them was a confused old woman who fell on the ground and was trampled upon by those running behind her.A cold shilver ran from the tip of my hair, through my spines and down to my toes.
I was scared to death.Finally my village people had caught me red handed🙆🙆

I didn’t know how it happened but I just opened my eyes and found myself five meters outside the bus.Meanwhile,the other passengers were still struggling to make their way out of the bus.The fat smelling lady who tried squeezing her self through the window got stuck by her waist.She kept struggling, wailing and punching.

All my life I was never good in sports but that morning I saw my legs doing wonders and a whole lot of chinese and Japanese stunts.
I was running and flying at the same time.I never knew my direction but I kept running.. The day being soo windy made the fire to spread very quickly.

I ran across a very big shop where my friend’s mother, Mrs Sugar (a name her customers gave her) sold plastics.It was half burnt already and such was also the fate of the huge mango tree 🌲 🌲 beside her shop. I prayed she made a good decision of running for her dear life.

Looking behind me, I realized how fortunate I was. Some persons behind me were seriously wounded,some tired ones who couldn’t run were trampled upon by the stronger ones. I looked left and spotted a young man draging his mother out of their burning shop.She must have fainted out of shock I guessed.

As I ran,I could hear the hot wind whispering”Run …guy u can do it … omo I say ruuun..u never get pikin oo

The fire outbreak was soo powerful, burning people’s shops and the weak who couldn’t run very fast.I could feel my muscles tightening and my blood screaming..

The screams increased every passing micro-second,as many persons were falling and wounding themselves.

Jumping a big gutter in front of me,I ran past a pregnant 🤰 woman who was with a little baby.Her almost falling stomach showed she was almost due for delivery.Her little girl, I guess three years old was wailing like someone being boiled alive in a hot pot of Yoruba pepper soup.

The woman was so weak and confused.She couldn’t run and was making each step with great difficult. I could see pain,terror and fear written all over her beautiful face .Her head was bleeding and she was loosing her breath.I needed to help this woman ,at least with her baby…

” Gbim kpoooom” ,my head clashed suddenly with someone..
The clash came with so much force that I just became partialy blind…people were just appearing blue,green and purple in color.

” Jesus Christ of Nassareth”, I shouted as we both fell on the ground… almost entering the gutter.

I quickly recovered myself but never saw the pregnant woman again.

nd I continued to fly…this time more careful and focused…I kept assurring myself that I would make it alive.

“Fire ooo…okuoo……ooooo….chimo…ewoo
… Jesus ssss….ehhh….”people cried.
It was as though the world was coming to an end ..

I ran with others for another five minutes and only rested when I was sure that I was safe…

“I really can’t kill myself,I am a survivor” I thought aloud.

It was then ,I realized that I was bleeding…. even though it wasn’t soo serious..but I had a cut on my palm . A good Samaritan quickly bought a razor blade,cut the protruding flesh and poured some oil on it ,as she believed it would help to stop the bleeding for the time being.

She was so sweet and gentle, had a nice set of eyes and natural pink lips .Her smile and charm was mind blowing.She was indeed an epitome of beauty.No wonder I felt no pain as she treated my injury .She also gave me her sweater to cover my plain trower which had torn into a hundred pieces because of my Chinese and Japanese stunts.

I muttered a thank you to her because I was so weak.And she smiled revealing her nice set of teeth.A brother is already in love🙉🙉💃💃.

Before,she left I made sure she penned down her number and promised to call her.She was well blessed by God,in beauty and character ,and can also make a good wife ,I thought and smiled, almost forgetting my pains.

The image of the pregnant woman suddenly swept though my mind as tears escaped my eyes..”It’s a pity indeed”,I cried.
I was having a bounding headache. And my left arm ached too.

After some minutes I moved to a more calm area,where I saw an old bench and sat.Beside me were five ugly women who looked like hungry gorillas . They kept telling different stories on what caused the fire outbreak.

The ugliest of them said , a woman cooks indomie beside a fuel station. She had been warned several times to move to another location but she remained stubborn.But this particular day, everywhere caught fire when a tanker came to supply fuel to the fuel station …

They kept talking ,but my mind was more focused on my pains…and thoughts of what might have happened to the pregnant woman and Mrs Sugar.

” Chaiiii,ije uwa..uwa nkea di egwu.” I muttered in my native language..with tears running down my cheeks.

After about two hours,all was calm and we returned to the park and as God may have it , despite the fact that our bus was damaged our stuffs were still intact.No need for too much gossip,I gently took my belongings and went home…

I wasn’t able to attend the wedding the next day because my entire system was so disorganized…Moreover, I called them and explained all that happened and they were all thankful to God.

It’s true,I missed the wedding,I missed a whole lot of opportunities,and even a life time kiss from my woman crush Adaobi, who attended the wedding. It’s a pity,I had spent hours like a male fairy in a fairy tale ,fantasizing fantastic fantasies on Adaobi’s promise.

“Anyways, at least I am still alive “,I consoled myself and laughed a little.My headache was still there.

Besides,I believe that once there is life,one can always gain back all one had lost.Our God is indeed good and merciful…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Written by Chukwu Chinonso