Jenny had been blinking and shaking her head, trying to stay for the past hour. Now even the head shakes were failing to clear her vision. He noticed

Is something wrong,Jenny?

Yea, something’s wrong. I’m tired is what’s wrong. Tired. It’s time to rest. Remember,I told you about it.

He nodded. I remember. What do we do?

“The same thing people do whenever they need something.
When you need fuel, you find a fuel station. Food,you find a restaurant.
And now I’m really tired.

Ok,why dont you go lie down,we can continue tomorrow.

Thanks Paul,she said.

Watching her go to her bed Paul couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself, another day gone and he still hasn’t been able to work up the courage to tell her how he feels about her.

Good night babe,he whispered as he closed the door him

Paul and Jennifer met in their year one when they both came to submit their files during their registration process and had been friends since then.
Now in 300l, they’re closer than before and have shared a lot of memories together and always study together.

He had been in love with her for the greater part of that time but couldn’t tell her and he watched in pain as she had gone to date Samuel in their year2.

He was the one who consoled her when Samuel Broke up with her and broke her heart six months later.

When he got back to his room that, before sleeping he made up his mind to tell her how he feels..

Two days later,they were having lunch in the school cafet

2 days later,they were having lunch in the school cafeteria when Samuel came to their table.

After the exchange of pleasantries was done..

“Jenny,are we still seeing this evening? Samuel asked.”

“4pm by the library right? She asked.”


“Sure I will be there,she replied”

Guy, later na, shaking Paul’s hand,he left

What’s happening this evening?
Paul asked turning to Jenny
She smiled

Coming back to her house that evening,she met Paul at her doorstep.

“Hey you, what’s up” She asked.

“So what did he want” Paul asked.

She sighed,’well he wants to get back together”.

He frowned.
And you said No, right?
Jenny, pls tell me you said  No

Well I haven’t given him a reply yet,she answered him.

Jenny,I love you he blurted out.

What? She was shocked by his outburst..

I love you,have always loved you since our year1. I can’t watch you with another guy again. Pls be my girlfriend.

She looked at him for a minute,smiled and taking his hand she replied.

“I thought you’d never ask”

And they both went inside

“Mine finally” he whispered.