There’s just something about having too much free time that will make one do things that ordinarily one would have been too busy to do.

This virus period with it’s resultant shutdown of schools has been one of such times.

The last time I had such break and freedom from academic work was immediately after my senior waec exams

So few years ago,I was quite young and just finished secondary School.

Anyways I had/have this friend,very fine guy that I really liked. Let’s call him Mike(not real name)
Mike and I lived in the same state but different local government areas which was separated from each by 1hour.

We met at a church camping program and when the program ended,we kept in touch with each other.

We spoke alot on the phone and my likeness for him grew.

On one of our conversations,he requested I visit him so we could hang out, this was after he had suggested coming down to visit me in the city I lived many times but I kept declining.

Las Las after many attempts he was able to convince me to visit him.

The day came.  By 9am every other person in my house had left home, so your girl prepared, went to the park and boaded a bus. I sat at the front seat just beside the driver.

Few minutes later,the driver;a middle aged man entered the bus and our journey started.

We haven’t even driven for up to 5mins when  an evil thought entered my head.

“What if something happens now and I just die troway”?
“Since nobody knew where I was going,where dem go begin look for me from”?

I was still thinking when it happened,so very fast..

This guy carrying a big bag tried crossing the road and just as he got directly in front of our bus,his bag fell.

Dude actually stopped at that moment to pick it up.

The driver successfully swerved just in time to the side of the road and forcefully applied the brake and we stopped just at the tip of the roadside gutter.

My heart was in my mouth and I was shouting the whole time.

When we stopped at the tip of the gutter,my heart was beating fast and I was practically shaking.

I was very tempted to call my mom but then what would I tell her?

“Hello mummy,howfa. I am not at home now o,I dey road dey go see man and we almost get accident now”??

That would be like reporting myself and there would have been no need coming back home na because they will just kill me

Anyways the rest of the journey was made with me in prayers.

When I saw my friend,I couldn’t even stay up to 20mins and returned home.

The return trip was also made with me in Prayers all through and I did a small Thanksgiving dance when I got home, lol. And there was no need for me to report myself again.

I can’t say that I haven’t taken any more risk after that day but I have been careful not to do anything too “stupid”