The day started peacefully enough.
It was a Friday,a lecture free day as the following day was the matriculation day of my school.  I had an invitation from one of the students matriculating and I planned on attending

I spent that Friday morning and afternoon washing clothes, moping floors, ironing, generally doing stuff I would have done on Saturday.

By 2pm I was done,I ate and slept.

I was awoken by 4pm by a knock on my door,a friend had come visiting.

We gisted and played games until 7:30pm when he made to leave and being a good host,I decided to see him off to the main road where he would board a Keke napep

Now there were two routes leading to the main road from my hostel
A tarred road which takes about 20mins of walk and an untarred road flaked by bushes on both sides which takes about 5mins, We chose  the untarred shorter route. As we walked,he was showing me something on his phone while the touch light was on

Suddenly the headlights of a motorcycle shone bright on us, neither of us had seen the bike coming. We stopped.

There were two guys on the bike,the rider and a passenger.

The passenger jumped down,raised one hand upwards and shouted

“Stop there”!!!

My friend raised his phone up towards the guy’s hand and that’s was when we saw the gun.

For a fraction of a second,we froze. Suddenly my friend grabbed my hand, turned back and we ran!! (Not a very good idea we know now)

I guessed the thieves were not expecting that because they didn’t chase us immediately.

As we were running still holding hands,I fell and my friend continued running while dragging me cos he was still holding my hand.

At that point,we heard the bike start and moving towards us

My friend kept shouting to me to stand up,all the while running and dragging me along.

At the point we turned back and saw that the bike was already very close to us,we let go of each other’s hand and ran into the bush.

The bike got to the point from where we entered the bushes, stopped for a second and then zoomed off.
We waited for a while before coming out.
My friend ended up following the longer route home and the next day,I had to go to the pharmacy cos I had bruises on both knees.

Needless to say,I did not attend the matriculation the next day.

That was like the scariest night of my life