Beep!! Beep!!! Beep!!
The machines went louder and more rapidly

She woke up with a start from where she laid her head at the side of his hospital bed

Doctor!! Doctor!!
She ran out of the private room shouting
Almost immediately,a doctor and 3 nurses burst into the room.

One of the nurses led her outside while the other two and the doctor went on work on her son

Five minutes later,the medics came out of the room

“He’s stable now” the doctor said

What happened doctor

He was hyperventilating but he’s all good now,he’s stable and we are monitoring him closely,the doctor answered her.

While the medics left,she went back inside and sat beside him.

Looking at him all hooked up on the machines,she sighed.

She still couldn’t believe this was someone Hale,hearty and strong  five days ago.
If only she had said “No”

          5 DAYS EARLIER

“Mum,can I hang out with my friends today?

No good morning first right Josh?

I’m sorry, good morning mum
Now, Can I ?

Which of ur friend’s house are u going to? She asked

Actually me and the gang are going swimming at the pool down at the Tulip Hotel he replied

But you can’t swim

Laughing he replied,I’m not going in mum

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you going she replied

Please mum,pleeaaseeee he begged making that cute baby face of his that he knew she couldn’t resist.

Ok,ok u can go.

Thank u,thank u mum he was visibly elated.  Oh can I get 3k from u?
I will take it from your purse!
Thanks mum,I love you!!

I love you!! He shouted running out

Oh this boy, she whispered watching him run out.

Some people might say she spoils him by always giving into his demands but after waiting 7 years after marriage to get him,she saw no need to make him lack especially since they were quite comfortable.

3 hours later as she sat watching her favorite Tv show,her phone rang.
The caller ID showed her husband.

Honey,meet me at MaryMount hospital right now.

OMG, what’s wrong she asked.

Just come right away he replied.

Grabbing her keys,she raced to the hospital.
Meeting him at the reception,he told her.

Josh had gone into the water, and while his friends got tired of swimming and went to get their clothes,he decided to stay in the water for a while longer. His friends returned to find him floating and shouted for help.

And now here they are,her only child hooked up on machines.

The time was 7pm,she just finished eating. She looked at Josh, lying there oh so peaceful completely oblivious of his surrounding and all the machines around him.

  I love you son,pls wake up
She sat down and fell asleep.

Beep! Beep!!Beep!!!
She woke up at once
A doctor and nurse rushed inside.
Madam pls wait outside and she obeyed.

Five minutes later, the medics came out..
We are so sorry ma’m,we tried all we could but  we lost him.

She collapsed