It was about 9:30pm when Abiodun finally arrived at the park and as she feared ,there was no bike or taxi to take her into the village.Infact,the park was empty and silent,dead silent
What was she going to do? Sleep here in one of the empty stores or try to trace his house in the dark? Abiodun pondered within herself.

She was the architect of her undoing, refusing to be dissuaded and not heeding to the warnings of her friends and roommates who tried to stop her from this “irrational and dangerous trip”. Now she stood with regrets;in the middle of nowhere,all her reasons now seemed laughable even to her as she questioned her impulsive actions.  But who could blame her?  She couldn’t even blame herself,she was love sick!It’s been two months since she last saw him,she never thought their love would be put to so great a test and their love was like a fairy tale

Michael was all she hoped for and more.They met at the orientation camp and where unfortunately thrown in opposite directions. 

Oh how they cried. 

And now 2 months later, Michael needed her,she was already sick with cravings and had caught herself from time to time daydreaming of all the adventures she’d have with him when they finally be together away from the perusing eyes of Corp members and NYSC officials alike. 

But  now Michael needed her,he called her that Saturday evening that he was ill and needed immediate attention and Abiodun couldn’t help but go to his aid, After all they were in love.

“Wey you,come here” A coax voice ordered. Abiodun was startled.
“Who goes you”!

Another voice shouted.

Abiodun froze,she couldn’t move,think or even say a word.

“You no dey talk”! 

Came another voice and the fiercely looking muscular guys surrounded her.
They were mean and their faces told stories of evil and wickedness,they had the stench of local liqour mixed with tobacco. 

Abiodun knew she was in for it;she surrended her Samsung Galaxy smartphone which her uncle had bought her as a parting gift for NYSC,her purse containing her full allawee  which she had intended to use for Michael’s treatment and upkeep,her gold necklace and wrist watch;she gave them everything she had but these guys were not satisfied yet,they wanted more,they wanted her.
Abiodun struggled, screamed and cried as the three hefty men battered her to weaken her resistance,one blow followed another,she could feel her strength ebbing out as she summoned her last gusto  to fight but as soon as she had lifted herself;she got knocked down again this time from their leader.

She was down and out!

She laid motionlessly as the bandits struggled with her yellow sweatshirt and blue trousers.

She shut her eyes hoping to disappear or wake up from the nightmare, she had heard of rape victims but never thought she’d be one at such a young age.
She waited for her tormentors to do the inevitable but to her surprise, a bright light shone over her. 
She heard the steps of her attackers as they scampered away

She thought she was the gates of eternity,she opened her eyes and saw a tall handsome man standing in front of the light,he wiped her bleeding lips,helped her up, brushed her dirty clothes and led her into his white Toyota Camry.
He drove her straight to the neighboring hospital and ensured immediate attention for her. He paid her bills and sat by her side in the private room 
Abiodun took one glance at this total stranger,he sure wasn’t from this area because his accent was quite different. His eyes caught hers,they were the most beautiful,calm and peaceful eyes she’s seen.
She closed her eyes this time and gave a sigh of relief.she knew her Calvary was like that of the proverbial good Samaritan in the holy books,a story she intends to share with any and everyone she comes across.