Hello there, long time no see.

Hope you have been good

We took a short break but now we’re back with a bang!!

So let’s get down to our story for the day;

Whether first or old timers, every sexual encounter has to make you feel good, but sometimes, it can get so very awkward and leave us feeling uncomfortable.

I was in year2 when it happened.

I had just ran out of cash and needed to use the ATM,so that Saturday morning I woke up very early.

Without bothering to take a bath,I dressed up,combed my hair(I had not started making my hair then) and left for the bank playing music with my earpiece.

Few minutes to seven,I was done  withdrawing.

As I left the bank I saw these two mature men standing beside the gate talking,I greeted them and passed.

My plan was to trek back home, playing music with my earpiece at the highest volume but I had only taken a couple of steps when a Keke napep stopped in front of me and one of those men I greeted at the gate of the bank came out and stopped me.

He introduced himself,told his name, that  he stays in Enugu state and was just in town to see a friend.

With introductions over, he looked me straight in the eyes and said..

” Asa I like you, you’re fine and immediately I saw you I was turned on’

I was shocked,what?!

When you passed us,my manhood just stood up hard. Look na,look down and see it, see how hard it is.he continued.

Can I have your number biko?

For one full minute, I frozed and stared at him with my mouth open in shock.

When I finally got myself, without taking my eyes off him and my mouth still wide open,I stopped a moving Keke and left him standing there.

Funnily enough that was the second time that exact same thing was happening to me but at least the first guy wasn’t quite that vulgar and I even smiled at the words he used.

I get that some times we can’t control how our bodies react to some things that our brain see as aphrodisiacs but then we can control the words that comes out of our mouth and how we present such to people.

Anyways I am coming Sha,lemme look at the mirror again