Life to me is like movie and each one of us plays a major role.

Everyday is like a different scene and if we pay attention to things that happens around,life is pretty much an interesting movie,well I do pay attention most of the time.

Alright,my name is Jennifer.

Most of the stories in this blog are written by me. I should probably have introduced myself at the very beginning since this is a personal blog but I didn’t and hey I think that ship has sailed.

Anyways here are a few things I think you should know about me;. Wait, you already know I’m a girl right?  Lol.

1-I have smoked before;well folded paper Sha.That counts right??lol

2-I have a very slight stammer that I try very well to control,it becomes worse when I’m angry

3-when I stand,80% of my body weight rest on one of my foot, most times my right foot.

4-I have some difficulty when I try to pronounce the word  “Remember” in the middle of a sentence. I have no idea why.

5-I love love love hugs

6-I absolutely hate Semovita, Semolina, Wheat (both the swallow and the bread) and any other food in it’s family. I’d rather go hungry than any of them in my mouth

7-I like writing. I wrote a small novel when I was in Jss1 and was the only science student in my set to write “Literature in English” in both Waec and Neco exams.

I dream of being a published author in future

Well, that’s that.
You will know even more about me as you read more of my Articles and Stories