To most if not all Nigerian youths a sugar daddy is a wealthy married man who keeps other sexual partners especially younger ones apart from his wife.
These sexual partners are called “side chicks” in the local slang.

So I was surfing the net the other day and came across a tweet from 2017 made by @ImohUmoren saying “Sugar Daddies have contributed immensely to Education”

Reading people’s opinions on it,I  stopped in my tracks.

99% of the comments were centered on how every girl in a higher institution live off a married man.

Some girls were even being attacked for trying to argue that it wasn’t every girl that does it

Naturally my first reaction was a feeling of insult to female students due to the insinuation that most if not all female students were whoring themselves around married men for survival.

While the existence of sugar Daddies in tertiary institutions can not be fully denied, It is downgrading to think that all girls wouldn’t survive in school without having to grace the bed of married men.

Also if those married men remain faithful to their marital vows and stop chasing female students, there wouldn’t be cases of a married man being a girl’s saviour in school.

Then again I  can’t get too mad at just the married men,after all it takes “two to tango” and the girls involved are just as culpable as the men.

I remember back then in my year1, there was this particular man that comes to see one girl in my lodge. He had the looks and aura of a married man and his ring finger had a mark

One evening he came to the lodge as usual but the girl was not around,I was sitting just in front of my house.He came over to where I was and we talked for a while.

The next time he met me in the lodge,he asked me out. I politely declined.

On two more different occasions when he met me in the lodge,he asked me out again and on the last time I had to ask him about his family considering the mark on his ring finger and also about the girl he comes to see in the lodge before he met me. He mumbled some incoherent answers,rounded up his visit and left and that was the last time he ever disturbed me.

If you as a girl choose to date a married man, knowing fully well that he’s married,then you probably shouldn’t complain when insulted.But I feel other girls who aren’t involved in such lifestyle can and should complain when insulted.

In my year3,one peaceful morning like that I was awaken by a phone call from a woman who sounded quite angry.

“Is this Jennifer From Ebsu, Presco”?

Yes it is, who am I speaking with? I inquired

“I am just calling you to warn you to leave my husband alone”!! She thundered.

To say I was mortified would be putting it lightly.

After everything,it turned out she misplaced some numbers while copying her husband’s “side chick” number from his phone to hers and ended up calling me. Even after she apologized, I still felt very insulted and I let her know that.

I can only imagine how many calls/insults some other girl who actually dates married men gets.

In all, what I am trying to say is we should do away with hasty generalizations.

It’s just like saying that everyone from a particular state or region is bad simply because you were unfortunate enough to encounter one or two bad people from there. It serves no meaningful purpose.


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