Remember that time you guys were still together, still in love. That time you saved their number as “my life.”

Whenever He calls you will stare at the name on your screen for one full minute smiling like a fool before you answer.

That time you always wanted her to be around every weekend and her meals were the sweetest you’ve ever tasted.

That time that whenever you guys are together, you must take a picture to mark the day.
At some point your phone memory got filled up,that you had to start deleting some. But since it didn’t feel so right deleting pictures of the love of your life, you started printing them out and kept a dedicated photo album just for them.

Ahhh,good times!.

Now,that “fowl”  went and broke your heart.
After loving so deeply,they still broke up with you and have started seeing someone else and is even flunting the person.

You have deleted all the pictures of you guys in your phone but don’t know what to do about the dozen hard copies?

Well my dear I am here for you.

Some people might say “why not just tear and burn them up”
Hmmm,just imagine you’re burning someone’s photo and just as the face is still remaining, someone walks in on you…

Maybe it’s the too much Nollywood in me but if I walk in on such a scene,I go begin suspect you o,I will wonder whether it’s a “Kanayo O Kanayo kinda something”

So instead of opening yourself up to such suspicions,just follow my two easy steps below and make good use of the pictures..

1–Hand Held Fan; hard copy pictures are usually Flexible,wavy and easy to hold.
Combining two or three together will make a sweet and easy hand held fan to be put to work whenever light is out.
The advantage here is that it works better than normal hand fans and when the pictures fades from too much usage, you can just discard it anyhow you like as it will be like ordinary paper then.

2—Dirt Packer; you finish sweeping your room and you can’t find the normal packer or you don’t have strength to go get it from the kitchen, outside or wherever it is kept?

My dear, don’t worry. Open up that photo album,take out 3 or 4 photos of your ex. Put them together,bend it at the middle and pack your dirt jare.

One advantage of this? Well even though you guys are no longer dating,at least your ex is still being useful to you in helping to keep your room clean.

You see,good usages.

PS; don’t let them catch you doing all these with their pictures sha

Ok oo I have finished talking,oya bye bye