Guy as you see me so when I want to settle down,na virgin I must marry o he said

I dey tell u his friend concurred. Na virgin sure pass o,no be all those girls when don chop different kinds of rods , wey don spoil finish.
By the way,u later knack that babe?

Which one? He asked

The one u be dey chyke last week

No o, she still dey form but before month end,the game must enter Sha. Na Pearl I knack for her hostel last night like this o,he bragged.

My niggar!!!! His friend hailed while shaking his hand.

The above is a typical conversation between guys.

Generally people define virginity  in terms of “hymen over vagina” and “not having sex for the first time”

Now there are several ways to lose it but for the sake of this article,we will be concentrating on just one of the ways;sex.

Now first of all,let me just state boldly here that I too believe that pre marital sex is bad.

Although that doesn’t change the fact that people ( married or not )are having sex everyday!

As a child I  was thought at home, school and church that virginity is the pride of a woman and should be “broken” on the wedding night.  But on growing up I discovered that there seem to be a double standard to that teaching.

Having interacted with a lot of youths,males and females on the subject,I realized that females seemed to be the only ones given such lectures.

An average guy judges a girl by the presumed number of sexual partners she has had
While he himself goes sleeping around without seeing it as a big deal.

People say a woman’s virginity should be her gift to her husband on their wedding night, and guys do want virgins for a wife.hmmmm, ok oo.

Personally I stand for “keeping oneself” as the importance of sexual purity can never be over emphasized but the mindset that it’s a gift just for the husband doesn’t sit well with me

I think the sex education involving virginity should be updated.
Apart from the joy of entering into marriage as a virgin, a girl should keep her virginity for God and HERSELF.

Parents teaching their girl child to be virgin while leaving out the boy child will make nonsense of the whole thing,as it will take just one Randy guy to “disvirgin” over 20 girls

Sometimes I wonder if these guys that look for virgin wives like it’s a sacrificial item are one themselves.

Virginity or sexual purity facilitates one’s relationship with God and that is what I think should be taught.

Also the peace of mind that comes with it is also Paramount. I remember during my pre_degree program.

Towards the end of the program when I was preparing for the final exams and also Jamb exam at the same time,I was so scared of failing and was under a lot of pressure and was extremely stressed.

Then one day I noticed that I didn’t see my period for the last month, I stopped and check the calendar and yep it was true.

Just as I was about to freak out,I remembered that I hadn’t

Hadn’t even had sex for the first time and I calmed down

A quick google search showed the correlation between stress and delayed period and I became even calmer, anyways “aunty” showed up days later.
Now if I was sexually active,I wonder how worried I would have been while waiting for aunty.

No one gender alone should be saddled with the responsibility of being “pure” before marriage.

Parents of this century should include their male children when teaching about virginity and sexual purity in order to have a balance. Both boys and girls should should be taught the importance of sexual purity
So no, my gift to my husband will be my character, good behaviours, ability to make good meals,good managerial skills and every other virtue I have, virginity will be “Jara”

Something for myself and my God and shared with him.

And as for you,if you are not a virgin as a guy, you have no moral compass to judge a girl for not being one either