Albinism is a group of inherited disorders characterised by little or no melanin production.

This condition increases the risk of skin cancer.

Most people with albinism have pale skin, eye conditions and are sensitive to the sun

No cure exists, but skin can be protected and eye conditions can be treated

Ibule-Soro is a town in Ifedore local government area of Ondo State, SouthWestern Nigeria.

The town which literally means ‘turning land to wealth’ is
renowned for selling the best of palm wine in Ondo State which has led both the masses and top government office holders troop there.
One peculiar thing about this Ondo town is the absence of albinos or any overly fair person.

It is said that Jooro, a river goddess in the town abhors men and women of light skin.


“Jooro” the river goddess is a deity in Ibule-Soro .
It’s priest Chief James Jayeoba and the people believes it gives children to the barren, promote indigenes in their works of life, heal the sick and avoid calamities.

The deity which is worshipped annually by its followers by offering pigeons and kolanuts also play a key role in the installation and burial of a monarch in the town.


It is said that Ibule-Soro forbids the giving birth  or coming in of an albino into the town to avoid the wrath of the river goddess.
It is said that whenever an albino person enters the  town,the River goddess finds them and kills them.

It does this by overflowing it’s banks, destroying lives and properties  until the Albino is dead.

According to the Priest, wearing of beads close to the River is also prohibited as he is the only one allowed to do  that.