Just as I was about to sleep that evening,my mum came into my room and asked me to go get something for her from a nearby market.
Grumbling I got up, prepared and left.

My plan was just walk to the market,get the stuff, come back and sleep. I was not in the mood to be social.

Very close to the market,I saw these three guys standing. As I was about passing them,one called out…

Fine girl
Hey babe.
Babe I’m talking to you na.

I ignored

Next thing I heard was

You’re not even that fine sef
Is it because I’m calling you

I couldn’t help but smile while continuing my journey.

The ease at which some guys go from “Fine girl” to “see how ugly you are”  when a girl rejects their wooing is alarming.

It’s childish to insult a girl just because she turned you down.

Before you try to ask a girl out, always bear in mind that there are two possible answers and be ready to accept either graciously.