Everyone that has ever done it always have a tale to tell about their first time,mine was no different..

As a young girl,the concept of illness, drugs,it’s production and usage fascinated me and I always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes before it gets to the public.

I knew I had to be in the medical field to know about it and since I didn’t have much patience to make a good nurse and I actually throw up if I’m asked to clean up someone else’s vomit,nursing and Medical Laboratory Science were out of the picture.

Anyways I got admitted to study medicine.


It was our first ward rounds as new students of 400l with our senior Reg.
He was going round the ward, seeing patients, checking their progress while my 3 colleagues and I followed him around.
In our white well ironed ward coat,we looked sharp.
   I personally was kinda feeling myself

All was going well until we went to the Accident and Emergency Ward where we had a Patient to see.
After examination and discovering that the man hasn’t been able to urinate for days,our snr reg requested for a Urinary catheter
  It was brought and after preparation,our Snr reg started inserting into the man’s penis.

The man started shouting,next thing I knew I was feeling sick in my stomach and my legs was becoming weak.

As his shouts continue and was becoming louder,the sick feeling in my stomach started rising upwards.

I didn’t know when I ran out, went to a side of the hospital and cried and threw up a little

When I came back ,my colleagues were looking at me mischievously and one of them said..

“I thought you were even strong sef”